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«PARPEZZI» Beauty salon

Beautiful salon in the heart of Yerevan. Work on the project was mostly remote, except for one of our visits to Armenia for measurements and acquaintance with clients, who provided us with a warm and friendly welcome. We really felt there what Caucasian hospitality is like and returned home, gaining a few extra pounds.

The interior turned out super cozy. You will feel like a VIP-person in such a salon. Emphases and exclusive solutions are everywhere here, starting with the reception, which is made of stone veneer. There is a gorgeous wardrobe behind it, which facades are made of velvet with brass inserts. Manicure and waiting areas are located in the first hall. Manicure tables are all made as one unit. This decision allowed our cliens to place one master more than it was originally planned.

One can also find a separate pedicure room with Italian recliners and sinks made of natural stone there. Powder pink and emerald green colors complement each other and go really great together. The special focus in this project is on a beautiful play of colors.

The large amount of irregularly shaped load-bearing structures in the room made it impossible to do without corridors in this project. Despite the fact that this room is owned by our customers, we always insist that such structures should not be changed without a proper design solution.

There is a separate small room for hairdressers and one more for VIP manicure and pedicure services per one person.

Armenia, Yerevan
80 м2
Completion year:Completion year:
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