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«MIKANA» Beauty salon

We were approached by wonderful customers who entrusted us to make a 500 square meters beauty salon.

We took the premises to work at the stage when the layout had already been agreed with the architect of the project and a lot of things had already been done. Ventilation, air conditioning and partly electricity as well as plumbing were provided.

Customers had a general understanding of how they saw the placement of the equipment, so our task was to make small adjustments to the plan and get our part of the work started.

The room was fully radial, that is why measurements took a long time.

But the outcome was above all expectations and the project turned out really cool.

The first thing that impresses with this project is, of course, its area. A huge beauty salon with rooms and premises that you will not find in a conventional salon. For example, its own bar, room for ventilation systems, laundry room with different entrances for dirty laundry and a clean one, separate room for drying and ironing, room for staff.

Now, let us talk more about the interior.

The entrance hall in the Mikana salon is decorated with artificial hydrangeas which make it look incredible. The whole salon has white marble tiled floor. From our own experience, this is the most popular tile for beauty salons. Why? We haven’t figured it out yet.

An “anti-thiefs” gate is installed at the entrance. This decision may be questionable for some customers, nevertheless, we always insist on their installation.

The ceiling was left open almost everywhere. Stylistically, it fitted well and reduced expenditure on drywall. The exclusive constructions on ceilings in massage and cosmetology rooms, as well as corridors on the ground floor are made of MDF. They are easy to remove for the ventilation and electricity audit.

There are elegant paper clip-shaped mirrors with side storage and built-in sockets in the hairdressing room. Concrete columns covered with greenery look unreal.

By the way, we are absolutely convinced that the use of greenery in the interior of the salon is not only the right move to revitalize it, but also one of the ways to attract and retain customers in the future.

Photo zones in this salon can be found at every step. It looks wonderful from any angle. Every Mikana client will want to take a selfie and post it on Instagram and Facebook, indicating the geolocation, which will attract new customers and strengthen the brand on social networks.

But what really needs special attention is the photo zone near the bar made all of the hydrangeas. It is unique. Soft overhead light and an extra ring lamp for cool pics – we tried to think of every single detail when designing the interior of the Mikana.

Ukraine, Kyiv
500 м2
Completion year:Completion year:
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