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«MINT» Beauty salon

This interior turned out very gentle and soft. Calming colors and light interior solutions.

The main colors of the project are mint and light purple and the whole design concept is lined up around them. On a floor – wood effect porcelain stoneware tiles of a natural shade.

A very cool LED lights in the waiting and pedicure area as well as diffused bright light in the hairdressing area can be found on the ceiling. Thanks to the dimming of the luminaires, it will be easy for the master to adjust the comfort intensity and temperature of the lighting while working.

In our experience, we can say that pendant lamps or soft boxes are one of the best solutions for a hairdressing area. A manual dimmer (adjusting the light intensity with a remote control or switch) is a must in such case. The lamp which has the ability to adjust the light temperature is a perfect option. Just such a one we have used in this project.

Trendy terrazzo tiles with large natural stone are used in the area of ​​the color bar, pedicure area and also on the manicure tables. We approached the issue of polishes’ placement in an unusual way and made hanging metal shelves over manicure tables.

There is fretwork on the walls of polyurethane throughout the salon, which is very durable and will not leave any dents and scratches. Moreover, it’s not the well-known carved stucco, but circles and minimalist beams, that is why it looks just incredible.

Ukraine, Kyiv
97 м2
Completion year:Completion year:
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